Founder and VP of Grower Relations

Martin Anenberg started buying and selling locally grown produce in 2003. His first customer was a school district in Los Angeles County that ordered once a week for many of its elementary school's salad bars.

After growing his business to include restaurants and institutions, Martin joined forces with one of the major produce distributors in downtown Los Angeles. It was this experience where he gained first hand knowledge of how large scale agriculture and distribution worked.

Martin's mission with his company So Cal Farm Network is to develop a local produce supply chain mirroring the efficiency and positive aspects of mainstream agricultural distribution and, at the same time,  provide growers with the highest returns for their crops. By creating a one stop solution for wholesalers, restaurants, institutions, and CSA's , businesses can focus on what they do best and easily purchase source-verified farm products; growers have a reliable and honest representative who puts their interests first. 

Martin served as a member of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council and as a member of the Los Angeles Regional Food Hub Group. He has spoken at numerous events including “Seedstock- Sustainable AG Innovation Conference” and Martin's work has been featured on PBS's former series "Life and Times."