Transparent Farm Relationships 

When your customers demand transparency, look to So Cal Farm Network.  We deliver food safe, farmer identified, seasonal produce. Our customers, which include produce distributors, retailers, food service providers, and CSA programs, utilize So Cal Farm Network to eliminate the logistical hassles of local farm distribution. By teaming up with over 45 organic and sustainable farms up and down the state of California, we deliver to your business the highest quality local produce on time and on one invoice.  

It is our scale and, most importantly, our grower relationships, that differentiates us from others. We go beyond farmer's markets and deal directly with farms and keep prices reasonable by having large volume customers such as:


• Whole Foods Markets
• Bristol Farms Market
• Chipotle Mexican Grill
• Occidental College


• Erewhon Natural Foods
• Co-Opportunity Natural Foods
• Gold Star Foods
• FreshPoint/Sysco